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One on One

For Photographers


One on One Mentoring Session

4 hours
portfolio review
choose up to 6 preferred topics
unlimited q&a


Available in NYC or via videochat

I've been where you are. and I want to help. One on One mentoring sessions are a unique opportunity to focus in with an experienced professional on particular areas of business and photography where you feel you need some GUIDANCE I want to help you get where you want to go whether you're just getting started or looking to better the business you've already built.

YOU PICK THE TOPICS. I will design a unique curriculum tailored to your preferences . I want to help you to analyze YOUR MARKET and your unique VISION for your business. and help you come up with a game plan. Don't even know where to begin? Check out topic suggestions HERE.

A lot of sessions like this focus on branding, marketing and business tactics, but the bread and butter of what we do is our PHOTOGRAPHY, so in addition to the topics you pick, every One on One mentoring session also includes a portfolio review by Caroline who will take a look at your best work as well as work that YOU felt fell short of what you wanted and offer tips and tricks for any problem areas be posing, composition, use of lighting, equipment etc.